Dr. Sailendra Kr. Saha

(1st Generation)
( MD, DMS )
1951 to 1980

Dr. Sisirendra Kr. Saha

(2nd Generation)
( DMS, CAL ) 
1980 to 2011

Dr.Snigdhodip Saha

(3rd Generation running )
2011 to Present 

  • We use over 2000 newly invented Homeopathic medicines that works faster & better

  • Hitech modern homeopathy clinic where technology meets holistic medical science

  • Very useful for modern day fast lifestyle

  • Computerized medicine & potency selection by Doctor

  • No side effect

  • No food restriction

  • Doctor availability over phone after clinic hours

  • Online consultation option

  • Prescriptions with clearly mentioned homeopathic medicines names for transparency

  • Doorstep medicine delivery

  • Alopecia

  • Male and Female pattern baldness

  • Hairfall control

  • Hair Regrowth treatment

  • Dandruff control

  • male sexual problems

  • infertility

  • gastric troubles

  • urinery troubles

  • Joint pain & artheritis

  • ​Hypertension & High cholesterol

  • Skin diseases

  • Skin lightening

  • Skin hydration

  • Skin glow

  • Acne spot & scar removal

  • Stretch mark removal

  • Antiaging treatment

  • Female diseases

  • Polycystic ovary

  • Thyroid disorder

  • Child health

about Team


Founder - Dr.Sailendra Kumar Saha

Consultant Doctor - Dr.Snigdhodip Saha

Visiting Physician - Dr.Sisirendra Kumar Saha
Dr.Sunanda Saha

Medical Board - Dr.Snigdhodip Saha
Dr.Sisirendra Kumar Saha
Dr.Sunanda Saha



1. Dermastamp Technology from Japan for hair regrowth & skin beautification

2. Laser Machine for hair fall control

3. Electro led microscope for computerised hair & skin testing

4. Micro needle therapy

5. Trichoscope

6. Dermatoscope

7. Otoscope

8. Respirometer

9. Lung Exerciser



This is Dr.Saha's multispeciality homeopathy & cosmetology welcoming you to the world of best homeopathy doctor in kolkata & best homeopathy doctor online . our chief consultant Dr.Snigdhodip Saha is one of the best homeopathy doctor in kolkata practicing homeopathy for last 10 years, has seen many critical & incurable cases which has been solved with few drops of homeopathic medicines. So we want to share few incidents with you all treated just with homeopathy kolkata.we are specialised in different types of hair growth treatment.come get treated by best hair doctor in kolkata

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