Homeopathy as we all know is the safest treatment procedure existing in the world.there are many miraculous results we witnessed with this medical system.but there are also few myths about this lesser known pathy which today i want to clear with my real life experiences.

For many years people used to say that homeopathy is very slow acting.so i think its high time to break our mental blockage & get to the truth.this is the fastest acting medical system when the medicine selection is correct.i am a third generation homeopath & witnessed the miracle from my childhood.my grandfather,father,paternal aunt all were reknowned homeopath doctors of kolkata.so i was blessed to born in such a family & witness the magic of those sweet pills.

Now i want to share my 1st hand experiences with you.i have never ever used a simple paracetamol tablet in my whole life,instead always used homeopathy in viral fevers & what i actually experienced is viral fevers are a 12 hours disease course if treated with homeopathy.common cold hardly takes 24 hours to get cured & cough takes max to max 3 days.this is the story of the most common acute ailments.

Any pain,sprain,injury to bones or muscles,injuries which turn black n blue,please once use arnica 200 in this cases.im sure many of you have heard about this medicine but not all have used it.mysuggestion to you is just buy a bottle of arnica 200 & keep that in your closet.use in these sort of cases & see the miracle yourselves.you will surely rely upon homeopathy after its one use.

If you ever suffer from gastric derangements after a heavy meal use nux vomica 200 next time.you will never be able to use any other antacids or any allopathy medicines in acute gastric troubles afterwards.

If you ever cut n bleed any body part of yours see the blood stops like magic with ferrum phos 6x applied locally.blood will stop immidiately.it might sound like magic but experience the magical truth atleast once in your lifetime.

In todays article i have mentioned just a few example, there are hurdreds & thousands of such conditions where homeopathy works wonder.i will discuss its use in common chronic diseases in my next post.till then my request is to use it once to be a part of this magical experiences.

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