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Dr.Snigdhodip Saha

FMC (Germany), BHMS, Ex-MO (WB Govt.), Chronic Disease Specialist

Awarded Best Homeopathy Doctor In Kolkata(Under 40)By Brand Icon

Our Patient Reviews
Reviewed by- Rituka Dey

#1 homeopathy doctor (and my family has been to many trust me). A major prop to Snigdhodip sir and his team

Rituka Dey

Reviewed by- Sreeparna Das

My PCOD problem got cured and this a right place to be if you are suffering from hair fall problem or any type of skin problem. Very very helpful. The doctor happens to be very approachable and empathetic too.

Sreeparna Das

Reviewed by- Jayna Vora

Seeing just how effective homeopathy can be has really changed a lot of my perceptions and beliefs. I now take almost all of my family members to Dr.SnigdhodipSaha for a range of ailments

Jayna Vora

Reviewed by- Indrani Sarkar

He is one of the best doctors of Kolkata who treat you well with not the laser treatment. The hair regrowth procedure really works. Have tried it as well. Great results.

Indrani Sarkar

Reviewed by- Ankit Singh Gosain

Indeed best doctor I have ever come accross.. His medicine works better than allopathy with quick response

Ankit Singh Gosain

Reviewed by- Papai Adhikary

Dr.Saha is friendly. He listens to his patients and takes time in every appointment. I had a good experience with him. Would rank his clinic as the best homeopathy clinic in Kolkata.

Papai Adhikary

Reviewed by- Sanu Baru

Truly a world class clinic with good facilities and friendly staff members. I take my father here for gastroenterology problems. We are happy with the treatment. Always a pleasure visiting and talking to Dr.SnigdhodipSaha. He has a calm presence and reassuring demean our that puts patients at ease and comfort. Love

Sanu Barui

Reviewed by- Rohan Bhattacharya

It's great indeed .....Dr.Saha is one of greatest doctor I have ever met...He is treating the petient by homeopathic treatment. Gives time to hear all the necessary details from the petient online or offline .... Charges are nominal ... It's in Kasba , Kolkata. Exactly opposite Chittaranjan School for Girls, Kasba.

Rohan Bhattacharya

Reviewed by- Shubhanu Majumder

healthy growth have been seen on my hair treatment. continuing my treatment. Thanks everyone! Became almost bald.. went to many places but it didn't help my Condition But after I visited Dr sahasmultispeciality there was a complete change.. my hairfall stopped and also regained 50% of my hair I will always be gratefull to doctor for curing my condition and the hospitality

Shubhanu Majumder

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