Best Hairloss treatment in Kolkata :

Tired Of Using Minoxidil & Biotin?

Wasted Too Much Money On Various Hair Oils?

Taking Medicines Without Knowing The Cause?

Transplant / PRP Failed?

Enough Tried.Its time to know your hair & scalp type first.

In our clinic we follow these simple steps:

  1. Microscopic Hair & Scalp Testing
  2. Evaluation of the cause of hairloss
  3. Customised treatment for everyone as per their root problem
  4. Classical Homeopathy Treatment for permanent cure
  5. Laser therapy to combat tellogen effluvium
  6. Immuno therapy for alopecia areata
  7. Dermastamp therapy for effective hair regrowth ( Watch Our Videos )

Now stop experimenting with your hair before its too late.

Start your hair regrowth journey today

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