3 Modern-Day Reasons for Extensive Hair Loss

Are you worried about the excessive hair loss you’re currently facing? Did you know that appropriate homeopathy treatment can cure hair loss problems efficiently? Yes or no, you must consult the best homeopathy doctor in Kolkata from a reliable homeopathy clinic to get effective homeopathy solutions to revive your lost tresses.

Take a look at these 3 major reasons that are causing hair loss in modern times in the first place.

Excess reliance on fast food

Are you fond of consuming junk food? In this day and age, it’s a popular trend to be eating deep-fried fast food that is apparently tasty but lacks the important nutrients that our bodies need for proper nourishment. We’re not saying that you have to quit fast food permanently. But you need to understand that if you consume junk food in large quantities or frequently, that fast food diet will lead to nutritional deficiencies that can induce hair loss.

Heat damaged or colored hair

Do you want to get your hair colored? Is straightening or smoothening your favorite hair styling idea? These may sound exciting to transform your look and are trending in current times but you should know that these may lead to worrisome hair loss that you’ll regret later. Heat is proven to be bad for hair and hair coloring solutions are known to cause intense damage to hair, including severe hair loss problems. Next time you’re thinking of straightening your hair or coloring it, think about the harm it can cause to your hair before opting for it!

Hormonal imbalance

Did you notice that you’re losing more hair since the pandemic broke? Well, hormonal imbalance is one of the worrying reasons behind hair loss. In these pandemic times, as we’re being confined to our homes and staying glued to desk jobs, we’re becoming more and more inactive that is worsening our medical conditions. Be it thyroid, arthritis or PCOS, health conditions that lead to hair loss are triggering due to hormonal imbalance more nowadays. And this is acting as a culprit behind excessive hair loss.

As a hair loss victim, are you tired of applying national and global cosmetic products that are failing to tackle severe hair loss? Then, no longer do you need to count on these artificial and harsh chemicals that don’t work accurately and instead make your hair rough and dry! You must get in touch with the best hair doctor in Kolkata of a well-established homeopathy clinic to receive quality homeopathy treatment and solutions. Such a natural, safe and upgraded treatment that’s free from side effects can cure your hair loss problems to restore your voluminous hair.


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