5 Things You May Not Know About Hair Fall

You’re struggling with hair fall problems. You’re not alone!

There are many things you don’t know about hair fall. You’re not alone still!

While as common as this hair problem is, many people remain ill-informed with numerous flawed beliefs.

Here are five things you may not know about hair fall but you should:

  • 1. Nothing to worry about

Some people panic if they notice hair fall. While hair fall shouldn’t necessarily be overlooked as it could be the early signs of any worsening condition, it also isn’t something that you should panic about most of the time.

Understand that it’s normal to lose 50-100 strands of hair every day.

So, if you notice hair on your pillow or you see strands come out during shampooing/oiling, it isn’t something you should panic about. It is when the hair fall is excess should you get worried and visit the best hair doctor in Kolkata.

  • 2. Many reasons for hair fall

Many people assume hair fall as a static event. So, they go on to try any and every hair falls home remedy.

Needless to say, such remedies often fail to deliver the desired results. And that’s because there are many reasons for hair fall, and different remedies/treatment plans work for different reasons.

Some of the common causes of hair loss are hereditary, age, alopecia areata, poor hair care, hormonal imbalance, scalp infection, and more.

So, before you even settle on any specific treatment, you first need to identify the reason behind hair fall.

  • 3. You don’t have to feel helpless

Many people with hair fall problems give up on their fate. After trying a few remedies, they start feeling helpless, settling with the fact that they will eventually get bald.

In reality, this shouldn’t be the case.

Hair fall and loss are treatable no matter the cause. The key here is getting the right help from a doctor and following an effective treatment plan that’s tailored to your distinct needs.

So, stop feeling helpless. Visit the best homeopathy doctor in Kolkata and start the right treatment.

  • 4. Stress is one of the big culprits

Stress does more than just hurt your mental health. Sadly, so many people overlook the wider side-effects of stress, which also includes hair loss.

If you’re someone who usually stays stressed, know that it could be one of the reasons for your hair fall.

Start meditation to tame your stress and boost overall mental health.

  • 5. Diet makes or breaks the deal

Iron deficiency is one of the major causes of hair fall.

The deficiency of vitamin D, zinc, iron, protein, and vitamin C are other causes of hair loss.

So, if your diet isn’t nutritionally sufficient, it’s not surprising you’re experiencing hair fall.

Audit your everyday meals. See the kind of nutrients your body is getting and the nutrients you’re missing. Accordingly, improve your diet.

A healthy eating habit can help prevent hair fall and foster hair growth.

Final Words

These are five important things you may not have known but you should.

If you’re dealing with hair fall problems, consult the best hair doctor in Kolkata and start the treatment process right away. In addition, make necessary lifestyle changes as a part of your hair care regimen.


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