(Am I Balding?) Early Signs of Hair Loss

Millions of people in India struggle with hair loss. Many of them, unfortunately, wake up to this problem very late. So, what could have been otherwise controlled, managed, and reversed is now almost a permanent state (unless one opts for surgical intervention).

This is why it’s essential to look out for the early signs of hair loss.

For instance, male pattern baldness, a common type of hair loss, doesn’t happen overnight. It happens in stages. From unnoticeable hair thinning around the temple to excessive hair fall and from visible balding to the horseshoe-shaped hairline at the crown – the process takes place over the span of months and years. The earliest you identify the problem, the sooner treatment can be started and hair loss prevented from getting worse.

So, are you balding?

Here are some early signs that confirm that:

  • 1. Noticeable Thinning:

Once you had thick, denser hair. Now, that seems to be fading and your hair is thinning, especially around the crown area. Compare your old photos with that of today. Ask your friend or family if they notice any difference in your hair and if your hair is indeed thinning out.

  • 2. Excessive Hair Fall:

Losing up to 100 hairs a day is normal. However, if your hair fall is excessive, you could be at the early stage of male pattern baldness. The hair fall is more prevalent and worse after you have showered or during hair brushing. It’s worth noting that there could be several other reasons for hair fall as well, which could be temporary. For instance, if you have just experienced a traumatic event, it’s common to see increased hair fall. This will eventually stop as you get out of that trauma and your stress level starts simmering. It’s best to consult the best doctor for hair loss in Kolkata who can make a proper diagnosis and recommend a correct treatment plan.

  • 3. Receding Hairline:

Changes in hairline start at the same time your hair starts thinning. This is another sign that you’re balding. If your hairline at the front is receding and is forming an M-shape, you should immediately consult a doctor and start the hair loss treatment in Kolkata to prevent the problem from jumping to the next stage.

These are three common signs of balding. If you notice any of these in your case, get alerted. No need to panic though, but surely approach a doctor and seek proper treatment. The doctor will first diagnose the problem to identify the reason behind hair loss. Subsequently, they can outline a custom treatment.

There could be several reasons why you’re balding. Addressing the core problem is the key. In any case, homeopathy for hair loss is a great option. Visit a homeopathy clinic today and start your treatment process immediately before things get even worse.


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