5 Best Homeopathy Medicines for Hairfall

Hairfall in a person is a natural phenomenon unless & until it’s creating Male Pattern Baldness (MPB) or Female Pattern Baldness ( FPB ). Generally, the fallen hairs should regrow on its own in a normal healthy person. One hair follicle can regrow 7 healthy hairs in its lifetime but the problem starts when these follicles get destroyed by a hormone called DHT (di-hydro-testosterone). Both males & females have testosterone hormone already stored in their bodies. When the production of 5 alpha-reductase enzymes in the body occurs due to various reasons, it mixes up with testosterone to form DHT. This DHT is the main reason behind the miniaturization of the follicles resulting in pattern baldness like MPB or FPB. Another kind of hair loss can be noted in both males & females called alopecia. But that is an autoimmune disorder resulting in coin-shaped multiple bald patches all over the scalp or body. As the reason behind these two is completely different we will discuss alopecia in a different article.

Now as the treatment process concerns there are multiple treatments available to combat hair loss depending upon the cause of the hair loss. Like in the case of genetic pattern hairloss homeopathic constitutional medicines along with PRP or derma stamp therapy provide a satisfactory result. In the case of hormonal hairloss like PCOD induced hairloss and the PCOD factor should be cured by proper homeopathic medicines. In the case of stress-induced hair loss meditation & yoga along with holistic medicines can provide good results. In case of low scalp blood circulation due to anemia or low blood pressure, it can be reversed by LLLT or Laser Therapy just within a month period. Here it’s worth mentioning that we should have a holistic approach while treating hairloss like homeopathy, yoga, meditation & cosmetology all should be incorporated as per the situation. Then the only permanent solution can be achieved.

Now coming to specific homeopathic medicines for hairfall there are plenty of medicines as per the cause & symptoms. But here I will mention the 5 best homeopathy medicines for hairfall as they are more commonly used than the other medicines.

  1. Phosphorus 200 – Phosphorus patients are tall, lean, stoop-shouldered persons having light complexion or blue-colored eyes. Generally, they are extroverted persons. They are extremely chilly patients. The Desire for salt, cold drink, ice cream is noted. Hairfall just due to touch or combing along with dandruff can indicate this medicine.

Dose: once daily

  1. Natrum Mur 200 – Natrum Mur patients are lean, dark complexion generally introverted person. They do not cry easily before unknown persons, somewhat reserve in nature. They are hot patients. The desire for salt & fish is noted. Hairfall due to hormonal reasons or after delivery can indicate this medicine.

Dose: once daily

  1. Sulphur 30 – Sulphur patients are generally lean, stoop-shouldered persons. Usually, they have an aversion to bathing or washing so they look dirty & filthy & suffer from skin diseases often. The Desire for sweet, cold food. Red lips & other orifices of the body. They are hot patients. Burning sensation on vertex, palm & soles. Hairfall after bathing or shampooing can indicate this medicine.

Dose: twice daily

  1. Acid Fluor 30 – Acid fluor persons are hot patients. They suffer from ravenous hunger. They get angry & irritated at truffles. Usually, indicated in the case of alopecia areata where hairfall occurs as coin-shaped patches.

Dose: twice daily

  1. Lycopodium 200 – Lycopodium persons are pot-bellied but lean-legged persons. Usually, they are chilly patients. The Desire for sweet, hot beverages & hot food. Mentally intellectual but physically underactive results in obesity. They fear undertaking a new project, but when start they can also finish it up within the time frame. They generally suffer from gastric & urinary troubles. Hairfall with premature greying can indicate this medicine.

Dose: once daily

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